Pediatric Podiatrist in Edison

Pediatric Podiatrist Services in Edison NJ

Foot conditions like flat fleet are common amongst children in Edison. They mostly manifest in the form of foot pain or you may observe that your child isn’t active in physical activities such as sports. Most parents assume that this is due to growing pains, but that isn’t entirely true.

Developmental foot conditions need not worry you since they can be remedied by a custom foot orthotic. Moreover, if you notice that your child is finding it hard engaging in the day to day physical activities or if he or she falls or trips more than usual it could be a sign of either in/out-toeing.

Children’s Foot Pain in Edison

When you notice any foot condition symptoms, don’t hesitate from seeking medical help on behalf of your child. Our Edison podiatrist conducts thorough foot examinations to determine the cause and how best to correct your child’s foot condition.
Since kids are in their development stage, treating childhood foot conditions in Edison isn’t as complicated as it is for adults. A custom foot orthotic can aid in bone alignment, minimizing foot pain and ensuring the healthy development of the feet. We can help you find a comfy custom foot orthotic that can fit in his/her shoes.

Ankle sprains, foot fractures and infections are also our areas of expertise. Your child doesn’t have to endure the pains caused by different foot conditions. Contact our team at Edison Foot Care LLC today to see how we can help your child thrive.


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