Bunion Care

Podiatry Edison NJ Bunion Care

Many of our patients receive bunion care in Edison and Metuchen. One of the biggest misconceptions is that bunions are a bump. In actuality it's a mal-position of your bones and is termed as the first metatarsal. A bone located right behind the big toe which is stronger than those of other metatarsals. Bunions appear as a bump due to mal-positioning of the bone.

Some people claim that bunions develop from wearing ill-fitting footwear. Though this will irritate your foot and toes it does not cause bunions. Looking back at your family history can predict future bone health conditions. The key to avoiding this is with preventative care with the help of an experienced Edison podiatrist.

Non-surgical Relief For Bunions

Most patients do not require surgery but in some cases, patients are required to wear specially made shoes or use bunion cushions. It is also suggested to soak in warm water and/or a massaging whirlpool treatment. Just like a car requires properly adjusted tires to maintain balance, your feet need the proper attire. This includes using a custom-made orthotic device that is placed inside the shoe. Taking control of the problem and providing you with some much-needed relief. It does not remove the bunion completely but will halt any further progression.

Just like other health ailments, the problem rarely goes away by itself. Plus, when you wait to get treatment you increase your chances for the condition worsening. Let our team at Edison Foot Care LLC, get you back on track to feeling great again.