Diabetic Foot Care

Podiatry Edison NJ Diabetic Foot Care

Whether you are a Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetic or a Type 2 diabetic, our team provides diabetic foot care in Edison and Metuchen. There are three specific areas of the body that are at risk for complications of diabetes:

  • Eyes (diabetic retinopathy)
  • Kidneys (diabetic nephropathy)
  • Feet

Notice that there is no specific condition for the feet, as there are a number of potential problems that can result from not taking care of your feet. What is a simple problem for people who are not diabetic, such as athlete's foot, can cause serious problems for a diabetic. This is why seeing a Edison podiatrist at least once a year is a must.

The technical reason is that diabetes results in slower blood circulation throughout the body because as time goes on the arteries begin to harden. This is also why diabetics have a three times greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke than a person without diabetes. The better your diabetes is controlled, the lower the risk of developing complications with your feet.

When Diabetics Should See a Podiatrist

It is important to know that you don't have to injure your foot for complications to develop. A fungal or bacterial infection can create a problem that requires medical attention. Many diabetics ask how to know when a foot problem requires a visit to the podiatrist.

  • When you are not sure what the problem is or how the injury occurred. This is the case of "better safe than sorry".
  • When it is clear something is wrong. Delaying treatment is guaranteed to make things worse.
  • When you have problems keeping your balance. This is a problem often ignored because there is no visible problem with the feet. There may be other causes, so schedule visits to both your primary care physician and podiatrist.

The best way to eliminate complications is to have your nails trimmed by the podiatrist and ensure you have proper fitting shoes. Proper diabetic foot care requires diabetics to always wear shoes except when showering, though some people wear shower shoes in their own home. Closed toe shoes are the best type of shoe, which means no flip flops or sandals even walking around at home. These are preventative measures that will save you money and reduce your stress levels.

For some people diabetic shoes are too expensive. The good news is that Medicare can help pay for one pair of diabetic shoes and two pair of shoe inserts per year. This requires an authorization from your podiatrist, so be sure to get one before spending any money. Medicare also covers the cost of having your nails trimmed every two months.

Having a reputable and qualified podiatrist in Edison is one of the most important tools in avoiding diabetic complications with the feet contact our team at Edison Foot Care LLC and discover how we can not only help you take care of your feet, but to properly treat any potential problem before it becomes a serious problem.