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At Edison Foot Care LLC - Metuchen, we address everything from Bunions to Orthotics. We believe that education is a big part of your success. Call today!

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We are proud to welcome you to our podiatry office. Our team works hard to provide the best level of care possible from a Metuchen Podiatrist. We work together to prevent foot problems for our patients. Our focus is on providing individualized foot care that leads to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

While many people visit doctors only when they have an issue, preventative care is our goal. If you do suffer from an injury, scheduling a podiatry appointment as soon as possible is the best way to prevent further issues. Sometimes it may be difficult to know if you have an injury. However, if you’re questioning the health of your feet or ankles, that’s the time to schedule an appointment. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you aren’t suffering from an injury, the appointment isn’t a waste of time. You’ll get a full checkup and look into the health of your feet, so you’ll know if anything could be a health concern.

Welcome to Edison Foot Care LLC - Metuchen

We are conveniently located at the border of Metuchen and Edison Township by the Walmart and Costco on Route 27 and Route 287. We are easily accessible by car with ample parking right off the highway in Central New Jersey. We are very close to Rutgers University and the surrounding hospitals. There are many Edison foot doctors, but there is only one foot doctor at Edison Foot Care LLC.

About Dr. Danny Phan

Dr. Danny Phan, DPM, MBA, MPH, FACPM grew up in Edison and attended Rutgers University for his undergraduate studies. At Rutgers University, he was very active with the local communities. He knew at an early age that he wanted to practice medicine and surgery in the Edison, Metuchen, and Rutgers area. Being an avid runner and sports enthusiast, he followed the footsteps of another Edison podiatrist into foot and ankle surgery. After completing his medical studies at Kent State University, he did an intensive 3 years podiatric surgical residency (Podiatric Medicine and Surgery) at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx (New York) covering both podiatric and orthopedic services at the regional trauma center. His passion for surgery took him to Dallas, where he completed the Foot & Ankle Arthroscopy course with the American Society of Podiatric Surgeons. To further his surgical training, he attended several surgical workshops throughout the United States. 

How Can A Podiatrist Help You?

A common question patients have when visiting our office is, “What kinds of treatments does our foot clinic offer?” We’re able to help our patients pursue both surgical and non-surgical options. Our team works to create a treatment plan for high-quality care that will mean long-term health. Some of the issues we see regularly are simply pain in the heel or foot. People typically aren’t sure what’s wrong, but they know something hurts. That’s always the time to visit your podiatrist, as soon as possible.

One symptom people sometimes don’t realize they should visit a podiatrist for is when they start developing balance issues. This is a tricky health concern because it could mean many things. Your primary care doctor may refer you to a podiatrist because the problem may very well be that something has changed in your feet or ankles. We’re prepared to help you get to the bottom of this issue.



A good majority of patients in Metuchen inquire about the bump on the side of their foot or feet.

Pediatric Podiatrist

Foot conditions like flat feet and various foot pains are common amongst child in Edison Foot Care LLC - Metuchen.


Whether you are a Type 1 or a Type 2 diabetic there are three specific areas of the body that are at risk for complications.

Ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenails are painful and difficult to deal with on your own. This condition is caused by incorrect nail growth.


The team at our clinic works with people that have a variety of conditions that affect the foot and the ankle.

Running Injuries

You'll need the help of a professional to diagnose your particular condition and recommend the best possible treatment.