Flat Feet Pain

Podiatry Edison NJ Flat Feet

There are many individuals that suffer from flat feet in Edison and Metuchen. This condition is common in babies since their arches don't appear until they start standing on their little toes. Then they keep developing during their formative years and are normally fully-developed by adulthood. The operative word here being "normally". Sometimes the arch never actually develops leading to flat feet. In fact, some individuals may suffer from conditions of the foot in childhood like Pronitis or, in adulthood, like Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis. Our Edison podiatrist can diagnose and treat these conditions.


Pronitis a condition of the feet where the ankle bones lean inward. When children have pronation, their shoes eventually tend to start leaning toward each other. Many people with flat feet suffer from pronation.


Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis is essentially an inflammation of an individual's posterior tibial tendon. It generally begins if the tibial tendon is stretched, torn, or simply inflamed. Unfortunately, if it isn't properly treated, it could end up leading to chronic foot pain and a severe disability. Some people are predisposed to this condition due to either flat feet or midfoot bones that are abnormally attached to their tendons.


A number of individuals suffering from flat feet in Edison don't ever experience any problems or pain. However, in the event that ankle, lower leg, or foot pain is experienced, especially when the sufferer is a child, the feet do require evaluation and treatment.


Surgery could be necessary for restoring normal function in some severe cases. It is performed for the purpose of repairing a damaged or torn tendon. These common remedies can also help for treating symptoms of flat feet that are painful and progressive:

  •  Bracing
  •  Icing
  •  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  •  Orthotics
  • Physical therapy
  • Supportive taping

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