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The team at Edison Foot Care LLC works with people that have a variety of conditions that affect the foot and the ankle. Sometimes these are a result of biomechanical etiology meaning that the joints have become misaligned. This leads to pain in the foot and ankle. This condition can also cause pain and stress in other areas such as the lower back, knees, and the hips. Our Edison and Metuchen podiatrists can help.

Each patient is given an evaluation to determine if they would benefit from a device that is placed in the shoe. This device is given by prescription and is called an orthotic. It is worn in the shoes and will support the soles of the foot. This will help bring the joints back into their proper alignment reducing the pain in both the foot and ankle. The device will also help reduce pain in the lower back, knees and even hips. If you are having foot pain in Edison you do not have to suffer any longer. Just give our office a call and we will set you up with an appointment with an experienced podiatrist. The doctor will examine your foot and ankle and determine if an orthotic will be the solution for your pain.


An orthotic is a device that is custom made and can be made out of many different materials. The device is worn inside the shoe. Every time a person puts on their shoe the device should be in there. Orthotics can help control the movement and the functioning of the foot. There are several different types of orthotics. New technology has advanced these devices so they can keep up with you and the activities that you participate in. Orthotics can help you with pain from walking or running, aerobic activities or playing sports and allow you to be at the top of your game. An orthotic is made from taking an impression of the foot. The devices are custom made for each person in Edisonand will fit only their foot. Just like contact lenses each person will have their own unique devices. The orthotics will help your foot function properly and you can move without pain.


Biomechanics studies a body in motion. Biomechanical orthotics are inserts that are available by prescription and are made from taking casts of the foot. Your Edison podiatrist will take a cast of the foot and send this along with other medical information to an orthotics laboratory. A specialist will look the cast and related information and make the orthotics. There is a staff doctor that will review this information. This process is similar to a person looking for a second opinion. The laboratory is responsible for the production and the fulfillment of the prescription. They will send the completed orthotics to the podiatrist who will then give it to the patient along with instructions for proper use. Complete orthotics treatment includes this device, injections, medications, meeting with a physical therapist or in some cases surgery.


Since people are born with different types of feet and engage in a number of different activities there are different types of orthotics each individual. There are orthotics for children, adults, those that are athletic, the elderly population and patients that have an injury to their foot. The orthotics can be soft and flexible, rigid, or semi-rigid.


There is a process that will help the foot get used to the orthotic. They are worn around 95 percent of the time that a person is walking or standing. A person may need to wear one indefinitely. As the function of the foot changes a person will need to see their Edison podiatrist. They will need a change in their orthotic to keep up with their changing needs.


Some people prefer to have a pair for work and a pair for recreational activities. Women that like to wear high heels may need a pair designed for this. The doctor may recommend more than one pair based on the needs and activities of their patients. Contact us at Foot Care LLC to see how orthotics may be able to help you.

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